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The current version of Casyopée is : 3.5.5                                                                                                                 ""


Casyopée is a free open-source software environment for the learning of functions at secondary school level. It aims at making numeric, graphic and formal exploration of mathematical functions easier. A dynamic geometry unit, integrated in Casyopée's environment, offers possibilities to explore and to model geometrical situations into functions. Casyopée is focused on problem solving about and using functions, modelling and proof. It gives specific help to the student in his/her activities, thanks to symbolic computation.

With Casyopée, power means neither complexity nor lack of rigor :

  • choices of representation are in line with mathematical conventions at secondary level ;
  • driving Casyopée is easy, without any command language ;
  • the goal is to help the student, not to restrain him/her.

With a piece of software like Casyopée, the role of the teacher is crucial: examples of classroom use are available through the "Using Casyopée" menu on the left.

Research papers involving Casyopée use

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Four screenshots of Casyopée

The current version of Casyopée  Download 
The documentation of Casyopée (English)Download

Casyopée works under Windows XP, Vista, Seven, 8, 10, with Linux and on Macintosh with a Windows emulator. It uses the open-source software Maxima for symbolic computation. The installation of Casyopée and of the relevant version of Maxima necessary is easy in a single operation.

Facilities available in the algebra tab:

  • calculation on expressions or function (e. g.: factorization or expansion of an expression, to differentiate or integrate functions, to solve equations)
  • graphic representation of functions considering the domain of definition
  • creation of parameters (cursors) which allow to consider family of functions
  • numerical or symbolic computation with functions (e. g.: computation of values and limits of function)
  • help for proving (a user can apply theorems implemented in Casyopée to prove properties of a function)
  • help for writing html based research reports including mathematic formulas created by Casyopée or with Latex, and graphs and geometric figures.

Main facilities in the dynamic geometry tab:

  • geometric construction from objects (segments, lines, circles) and free points on these objects or in the plane,
  • creation of geometric calculations from symbolic formulas involving measures,
  • numerical exploration of variations of these calculations,
  • creation of geometric functions using these calculations,
  • modelling these geometric functions into algebraic functions in the algebra tab.