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The use of a Linux operating system requires the use of the Wine software which is defined as "a compatibility layer capable of running Windows applications on various operating systems".

Wine is usually installed on computers with a Linux operating system, otherwise look for the installation procedure, usually very simple for each variant.

In versions prior to 3.4.6 of Casyopée, use with a Linux operating system met with the impossibility for Wine to communicate with the Maxima DOS application. See

Since version 3.4.6, the patch has been applied, and Casyopée launches correctly.

To use an earlier version (not recommended) or after upgrading from an earlier version, apply the patch from the link above. maxima.exe is located in the Maxima-5.18.1 directory

The test was done on Ubuntu ver. 16.04 with Wine ver. 2.0 rc5

Please report any problems or wishes for improvement to

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