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Casyopée works under Windows XP, Vista, Seven, 8, 10, with Linux and on Macintosh with a Windows emulator. It uses the open-source software Maxima for symbolic computation. The installation of Casyopée and of the relevant version of Maxima is easy in a single operation.

Facilities available in the algebra tab:

  • calculation on expressions or function (e. g.: factorization or expansion of an expression, to differentiate or integrate functions, to solve equations)
  • graphic representation of functions considering the domain of definition
  • creation of parameters (cursors) which allow to consider family of functions
  • numerical or symbolic computation with functions (e. g.: computation of values and limits of function)
  • help for proving (a user can apply theorems implemented in Casyopée to prove properties of a function)
  • help for writing html based research reports including mathematic formulas created by Casyopée or with Latex, and graphs and geometric figures.

Main facilities in the dynamic geometry tab:

  • geometric construction from objects (segments, lines, circles) and free points on these objects or in the plane,
  • creation of geometric calculations from symbolic formulas involving measures,
  • numerical exploration of variations of these calculations,
  • creation of geometric functions using these calculations,
  • modelling these geometric functions into algebraic functions in the algebra tab.

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