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Casyopée was born from research and development projects for 15 years:

  • evaluation of uses of symbolic computation environment carried out by the Laboratory of Didactics of Mathematics University Paris 7 and the IREM of Rennes.
  • a project of pedagogic software design and experimentation  based on symbolic computation kernels (Team Techne INRP).
  • the "team in project Genèse d'Usage Professionnels des Technologies par les Enseignants" supported by the INRP.
  • the european project ReMath.
  • a diffusion group in the IREM of Rennes, supported by the INRP (team Eductice)

Three persons were the project’s backbone:

  • Jean-Baptiste Lagrange, teacher-researcher in University of Reims, member of LDAR (Laboratoire de Didactique André Revuz, University Paris Diderot),
  • Bernard Le Feuvre, teacher in secondary school Cassin in Montfort (Ille et Vilaine)
  • Xavier Meyrier, teacher in secondary school Maupertuis in Saint Malo (Ille et Vilaine)

Many teachers, researchers and developers took and take part in the software design, in developing uses and resources. It is a lively community, open to everybody interested. Every contribution is welcome from simple remark on ergonomics or software functioning , to proposition of new facilities, through report and reflection about  uses.

And the answer to your question : Casyopée =  Calcul symbolique offrant des possibilités à l'élève et l'enseignant

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