The Graphic Tab and the Symbolic Values list

Toolbar of the graphic tab


The graphic tab is switched with the geometric calculation tab using the  button. The reverse action is done via the  button. The symbolic values list  appears optionally at the bottom of the graphic tab.

In the graphic tab, Casyopee makes available tools of graphic exploration which are similar to the tools of graphic calculators, as well as of numerical exploration similar to the tables of graphic calculators.

As soon as a function is defined,a button with the identifiyer appears. The function is graphed via this button.

By clicking on the graph, you obtain a trace and numerical values of the coordinates appear. The trace can be moved using the slider at the bottom, or by direct manipulation. In case of a function modeling a geometrical dependency, there is a reversible link between the trace and a free point in the dynmy geometry tab. See OnlineHelp.

The sate of the the graphic tab and of the depends on the current variable identifiyer (x,...).
It's possible to define a rectangular zone on the graphic (zoombox) with the CTRL key and the left button of the mouse pressed. A window asks confirmation of the zone. A Drag (to move the mouse and at the same time to press the left button) allows to move the coordinates system.

There is a contextual menu in the graphic tab, allowing to copy or save the graph, and repeating actions also available by way of buttons of the tool bar described below.

Values of the variable also appear as  buttons. These buttons allow to get  values or  limits of the functions for this value in the Symbolic Values list which appears below. Parameters in the expression of the Symbolic Values list are instanciated like in the list of expressions. There is a contextual menu like in this list.

Toolbar of the graphic tab

Resumes the previous display setting.
Resumes the next display setting.
Opens the display management box.
Center on the cross (mobile trace).
Center on the origin of the axes.
Shows or hides the grid.
Performs the action previously selected and provides access to the drop-down
Opens a table of approximate values of the selected functions.
Displays the height and width of a tile of the grid (useful when the axes are not in the display).